5 reasons why all mamas should try life coaching

5 reasons why all mamas should try life coaching

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So why would you need a life coach when you’re doing perfectly well on your own, thank you very much…

Well, ARE you? Truly?

Are you living the life that you envisaged for yourself before the life bomb that is kids? Are you, for example, being paid to do what you love? Are you mothering in a calm and positive way? Are you successfully managing the work/life/parenting tussle? Do you feel confident and happy? Are you proud of your body and the way that you look? Are you carving out some regular me-time?

Sadly, most mamas aren’t doing many of the above, regardless of how talented, balanced and brimming with self-esteem they were before embarking on the parenting adventure.

Not that it’s anyone’s fault. The will is usually there. Just not enough energy to go round after everyone else’s needs have come first.

Because however undemanding and well-behaved your kids might be, as a mama, their needs usually come before yours. (It’s in clause 1 of the secret contract you unwittingly signed up to on becoming pregnant.) Which means that parts of your life have to go on pause.

Or do they?

As a transition coach for busy, multi-tasking mamas, I support ambitious women to reach their greatest potential, both at home AND in the workplace. I help them to reprioritise their needs to create work/life/parenting harmony and to feel motivated and in control once more.

Because I believe that we can have it all, all at the same time. It just requires a little planning. And a touch of carrot and stick.

So here are my top 5 reasons why using a life coach works:

  • I’m not your friend

    Well, I might become one after our series is over, but for now, I have none other than a purely professional agenda of getting you on track to reach your goals. Coaching with me is a no people-pleasing zone because you’re the boss of where you want to go. I’m just support staff. So you don’t have to be anyone for me other than your most authentic, messy, awesome self.

  • It’s my job to get you to reach your goals

    It’s what I chose to do because I’m good at it. I have nothing else to distract me from the task at hand which is to enable you to create the life that you most want to lead. I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again. And to this end, I have many tried-and-tested tips and strategies up my ample mama sleeve.

Are you fulfilling your greatest potential, mama? Are you getting paid to do what you love whilst parenting in a calm and positive way? Are you feeling happy and fulfilled both at work and at home? Because you deserve to! Book a complimentary discovery session with me on skype (no strings attached) and we can explore taking concrete steps towards creating a life in which you feel motivated and in control once more!  

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