Cool has no age limit...

owning my power aged 7

YES. And I feel this even more so now that I am edging into the 'older' lady category at the grand old age of 40. I came across this article on social media the other day and it inspired me to write about owning your own power.

These photos show women that are doing just that. Without aggression. With grace. And elegance. And a sense of joy and fun! They are unafraid of what others think of them; they need no external validation. They know their own worth and they have given free reign to their creativity. Ok - most of these shots are focused on hairstyles but still it's pretty daring to express yourself even in this 'minor' way in today's disapproving, compartmentalising day and age.

My punk phase aged 12

This is the power that we women all need to harness - our courage to express ourselves authentically. To let our inner Warrior guide us not our emotional-caretaking, people-pleasing sides. Through our hair, our outspoken thoughts and feelings, our clothing, out ATTITUDES. When women are empowered they can change the world. FACT.

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