My Word Goddess Reading

Finding time to rest and reconnect over the busy Xmas period can seem like an impossible task. With overindulgence in terms of food and alcohol the buzzword at this time of year as well as being assaulted by all sorts of means to distract ourselves from our inner harmony including television and unnecessary consumerism, it can be hard to transition consciously through this end-of-year period of introspection to fully embrace the possibilities brought by a new year. If you would like a tool to help you on your way, I would like to recommend a My Word Goddess Reading from Amy Palko. She will source the goddess for you who will be there to guide and support you, prompt you and highlight exactly which parts of you are ready for healing and transformation. I just received my reading today and it feels so right. I am excited to be starting the new year hand in hand with this goddess and my word for the year has already got me thinking about the new possibilities the year will bring on a deeper, more intuitive level. I for one intend to make next year the most intuitive, magical, balanced one yet. Here's to your magical 2016!

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