New Year

Phoenix rising...


"I LOVE and APPROVE of myself,

I LET GO of all of my WORRIES and FEARS,

Like a phoenix, from the ashes I RISE


I first heard this mantra two days ago in my yoga class and made a mental note to use it myself as well as to share it on this page. Come to think of it, that pretty much sums up my life: cool idea - implement myself - share on social media to inspire others. (It comes with some pretty nifty, swooping body movements which make it even more powerful).

Every line is so individually powerful and I particularly like the symbol of the phoenix - so apt at this time of year - and so personally spot on given the turning point at which I find myself right now: four and a bit months into a year-long travel adventure discovering foreign lands and equally foreign parts of myself. This year was always going to be a catalyst for the creative destruction of the old and a re-birth of what is truly authentic.

And serendipitously, this notion was made concrete yesterday on our first-day-of-the-year-trip-to-the-beach-for-a-cleansing-swim-in-the-sea. I had just spent the last minute whining out loud about how much I was missing my jewellery and that all I REALLY WANTED was a long necklace (I bravely left all accessories at home bar my large platinum hoops. Those that have known me a while can testify that these don't really count as adornments since they are pretty much a part of my ears after no less than 31 years' consistent wear). Next my beautiful new friend plonked a pretty, red, silk bag on my lap. And what was in it? Just something she had felt should be mine when she saw it: a gorgeous, LONG, pendant necklace of a phoenix.

(Now that's manifesting for you!)

So I now have a mantra and a talisman, both of which feature a phoenix. Each was delivered to me within one day of the other. I am taking this as a sign that I should add this powerful animal totem to my arsenal of spiritual guides for 2017: the goddess (Oshun) and my word for the year (Pleasure). Which is pretty cool. I might just become invincible.

The mythical phoenix is also a universal archetype though and for that reason I'm going to share it with you; to offer you some of its purifying, creative energy to ease you into the New Year.

Happy (continual) re-birthing into the very best version of yourself you can be!

BoboMama xx

Art by Christian Schloe (doves not phoenixes but a beautifully evocative image no less)

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