Sora Suryano

Busking poetry

Late last year I took part in a four week course on the magic of holding circles. It allowed me to hone my intuitive skills and learn more about the art of holding space as well as pushing me to delve yet deeper into what my unique circle medicine really is. It gave me the confidence to run my own local, fortnightly women's circles and I feel comforted and energised by the fact that I am not alone. Indeed I am part of a growing global sisterhood of women who have all felt the call to lead circles either in their neighbourhoods or online with the desire to help people to connect to their authentic selves and dedicate time to listening to their inner voices. To feel, to release. To stop the glorification of BUSY!

One of these sisters recently went to a word and music event in Dublin, Ireland and came across this 'busking poet'. The way it works is that the poet asks you for a topic, who it's for and then writes away. She asked him to write a poem for us.


That someone can channel this kind of magic on the spot and create such an incredible piece of art in exchange for a donation and call it busking blows me away. It gave me goosebumps reading it. I had to share. What a gift!

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