Why authenticity is the antidote to depression...


I came across this great article recently and wanted to share its hugely important message:

For there is no greater pointer to a life being lived inauthentically than feeling depressed. I too suffered for a period of time when life was unbearable, a big black sink hole. And when I reflect back, it was a time when most of my surroundings: people, possessions and places were not in alignment with me - the real me that I was suppressing in order to try to fit in. Once I realised this and broke free, things radically improved. It therefore served as one of the major turning points in my life. A wound that became a transformational blessing.

Depression is not to be dismissed lightly but at the same time, it is merely a by-product of our superficial, disconnected times. The more we can channel our warrior and "soothe" ourselves past our fears about becoming the real version of ourselves despite the consequences, the more we can move towards a fulfilled, self sufficient, happier and connected life.

(PS the word "soothe" is in inverted commas because it is so alien to me that I have to distance myself from it by using punctuation marks. To find a way to be "soothing" has therefore become my particular challenge for the day - to get that tapping into your inner warrior can also be a form of self-care not just self punishment. The old me just pushed her way through fears by closing her eyes, clenching her fists and turning numb in case the consequences hurt too much - if you can't feel, nothing can hurt. So in line with this article, my next step is to allow the softer, more tender part of me to emerge. The bit that doesn't hold a shield. I am weary of pushing. Time for some surrender.)

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