What makes you happy?

The list of things that make this woman happy is so delightfully simple. And so honest! 


So many of us in the west, with its abundance of stuff to buy, to eat and to do, lose sight of what we really need to make us happy. Of course we can all say world peace and health and food for everyone a la Miss World - those general and slightly abstract desires that don't really touch our inner needs. But if I asked you what are four things that really make YOU happy, what would you say?

Mine are 1) to feel the hot sun on my body 2) to dance to great house music 3) to be pampered with a massage or beauty treatment 4) to receive a hug from my kids. Sadly I live in a country that doesn't "do" summer and I have only been dancing twice in 7 years but I do at least get hugs from the kids. And I've only got 9 months to wait before I get some sun on holiday. But I can book myself in for some pampering. And I do. Regularly. Because even though you might sometimes feel "selfish" to act upon your personal desires and to put yourself before others, we actually help others by helping ourselves. Because our actions allow others to put themselves first too. The more we take a break and look after our own happiness, and the more fulfilled we become as a result, the more we radiate that contentment out into our circle of friends and family. They benefit from our "selfishness" and instead it becomes "self-care".

What could you do today that is purely and totally for your own benefit? That will allow you to be happy and thus pass on that happiness?

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