for individuals

Life coaching gets you from where you are now, to where you want to be.

Unlike counselling or therapy (which can focus exclusively on past traumas), coaching is about looking forwards, and setting goals for the type of lifestyle you want to lead and the kind of person you want to become.

These can be set in any area of your life: career clarity, work/life/parenting balance, health, confidence, positive parenting, spirituality, self-worth, fitness, happiness, creativity - there are as many goal areas out there as you have dreams and desires - and I support you to reach them through a mixture of carrot (enthusiastic cheerleading) and stick (loving accountability).

In the process, I will help you to examine and overcome whichever limiting self-beliefs, doubts, unhelpful patterns of behaviour and fear-based mindsets that have prevented you from achieving these in the past.

How do I get started?

You can book one of the following options:

  • 2 one-off coaching consults (two in one month)

  • 6 sessions over 3 months (two per month)

  • 12 sessions over 3 months (four per month)

  • 12 sessions over 6 months (two per month)

Either way, I require you to fill out a short questionnaire beforehand, which is designed to help you define the areas in which you would like to set some goals.

Once I have received this and I think we might be a good fit, I will be in touch to set up a your complimentary, discovery session. This is a chance for us to explore some of the themes that came up for you in the questionnaire and to talk about what life coaching entails.

Why so many sessions?

Because this format works! I want to really understand where you are at right now, and to work with you to find goals that inspire, challenge and motivate you. I want to enable you to TRANSFORM your life in a permanent way. Just as I transformed mine.

A series of either 6 or 12 sessions allows us to do this. Because it gives us the space and time to build a powerful connection, to go deep in order to find out what is holding you back, and to start practising alternative patterns of thought and behaviour (habits break habits).

If a two-part consult sounds more like your thang, then this is a short, sharp and deep look at a specific issue that has come up for you. Perhaps you would like some insightful guidance, a calm and professional listening ear or an enthusiastic, motivational boost?

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Before our coaching began, I was struggling with confidence, patience and self-appreciation.

My 3-month series was remarkable: liberating, empowering and healing. Now I feel more grounded, more able and better able to cope. I also feel more confident and happier (something my loved ones have also noticed)!

Going on this journey with Lavinia was one of the most incredible experiences.
It taught me that baby steps - manageable baby steps - lead to strides, and that I could stride past issues that had always felt unsurmountable. I learnt that anything is possible. I’m so unbelievably grateful. Thank you!
— Vanessa Bird, UK

Session Duration

Your complimentary discovery session lasts 45 minutes. The initial coaching series session lasts 1.5 hours. This allows us enough time to dig deep to come up with some goals that are emotive, inspiring, challenging and also achieveable. Subsequent coaching sessions as well as consults last for one hour and I am available via email, text and whatsapp at any point in between to support, inspire, motivate and celebrate you, as you journey towards achieving your goals.


What each series includes:

  • a thorough and thought-provoking pre-coaching series questionnaire
  • a bespoke, 45-minute discovery session
  • 1.5 hour long goal-setting session
  • 1 hour coaching sessions every two weeks
  • unlimited support in between sessions on email, text and whatsapp
  • access to my personal database of recommended wellness therapists and healers
  • worksheets and resources as required
  • VIP membership of the BoboMama community with priority access and discounted tickets for all future retreats, workshops and courses


What each consult includes:

  • a thorough and thought-provoking
    pre-coaching consult questionnaire
  • 1 hour long consult
  • 1 hour follow up session
  • unlimited support in between the consult
    and follow up session on email, text and whatsapp
  • access to my personal database of recommended wellness therapists and healers
  • worksheets and resources as required

Format & Working Hours

International coaching takes place on the phone or via video call (Facetime / Whatsapp / Skype)

Sessions run from Monday to Friday:

  • between 08.00 to 18.00 (UK time)


Qualifications & Professional Training

Academic Qualifications: MA Hons Oxon (Philosophy & Mod Lang), Wadham College, Oxford University, UK

Professional Training: Qualified Life Coach with the BYCA (course certified and approved by the International Coaching Federation - Coaching Coach Education category), Associate member of European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC) to whose Code of Ethics I subscribe 

Other Self-development Courses completed: Jungian Shadow work – Innerwork I and II (Deborah Chan), Initiation into the Sacred Feminine (Jewels Wingfield), Healing the Mother Wound (Bethany Webster), Sacred Circle Emergence (Sora Surya No), The Shaman’s Pathway (Simon Buxton), Cauldron of Pearls Feminine Leadership Training (Jewels Wingfield), Business Accelerator Programme (Allia Serious Impact)

Life changing, complete, incredibly amazing, supportive and loving. That is how I would describe my coaching experience with Lavinia. I can’t thank her enough for being so amazing and for helping me to achieve all of my goals!

When we first connected I was struggling to respect and love myself, in particular my appearance. I was in a rut and regularly doubted myself and my abilities. I had always found it difficult in the past to express my feelings aloud (especially to a complete stranger), however Lavinia made me feel so safe and heard that it was super easy to open up to her.

The biggest change I’ve witnessed in myself is that I am now conscious of how I show up in the world: from the way I dress to the way I communicate to how I am now living in integrity. It feels so freeing to be in ‘my own lane’ and to be showing myself love daily. No thank yous will ever be enough! Lavinia is amazing!
— Kylie Holmes,
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are you ready
to become the very
best version
of yourself?

I am the coach for you if…

  • you are no longer happy to tolerate the way things currently are

  • you are strong enough to let go of whatever is no longer working

  • you are courageous enough to challenge yourself to implement alternative ways of doing things

  • you are committed enough to practise giving yourself the respect, love, nurture and pleasure that you secretly crave

  • you are prepared to take your needs, desires and dreams seriously

  • you are ready to be happy, fulfilled, calm and free!


My style of coaching is not for you if…

  • you are not craving change

  • you do not want to be held accountable

  • you do not want to go deep in search of what authenticity means to you

  • you are not happy to stretch yourself and spend time out of your comfort zone

  • you are not willing to overcome the blocks that are preventing you from becoming the woman and mama that you want to be

Lavinia was completely dedicated to helping me achieve my goals and she provided valuable insights along the way. I always felt at ease, as she promises complete confidentiality, and her undivided attention enabled me to focus on reaching my targets.

I found Lavinia to be wonderfully perceptive and understanding
- she continually helped me to find suitable ‘actions’ to propel progress, and telling her all the discoveries I had made in the previous weeks was something I looked forward to because I knew I would be met by encouragement and genuine happiness at my successes. She always knew the perfect thing to say to motivate me or gently nudge me in the right direction!

I now feel more carefree about other people’s opinions which has allowed me to go out more and experience new things. A friend has even told me that I’m more fun now! Overall, my coaching experience has been truly helpful and enjoyable. And if I had to describe our sessions in three words, I would say that they were revealing, motivational and exciting. Thank you, Lavinia!
— Bella Pellegrini, UK