the balance hub supports you

Individual Coaching Series

  • one-to-one transition coaching for returning professionals (start date either during or after maternity leave) including at least first 90 days back at work 

  • one-to-one life/career coaching for executive professionals

  • one-to-one confidence coaching for millennial females

Group Training Programmes

  • Supported Parenting - for working mothers (available during scheduled ‘keep-in-touch’ days or after maternity leave)


May include: successful transitioning (easing separation and multiple attachments; breast v. bottle; integrating work/life/parenting; emotional resilience, encouraging good sleepers); positive parenting (tantrum training; supporting potential); maximising workplace engagement (motivation and sustainable output; focused multi-tasking; creating clear boundaries)

  • Leading Together - for line managers of returners/flexi-workers 


May include: new models for performance; enhanced collaboration; inclusion and unconscious gender bias; balancing work and home; handling difficult conversations; inspiring engagement and productivity

  • Organisational Support - working with a nominated, internal lead


May include: setting up a professional parent advisory committee/mentor system/sponsor network; implementing gender-equality ‘nudges’ 




the balance hub helps you to

Group Training Programmes

  • Company Culture - for senior executives and/or HR managers 


May include: reviewing vision and corporate values; activating aligned leadership behaviours; collaborative dialogue; inclusion and unconscious gender bias; new models for performance evaluation; future-proofing your business; inclusion and ethnic diversity

  • Talent Management - for senior executives and/or HR managers 


May include: people strategy; employee engagement; employer branding; values-based recruitment process

All of our coaching series and training programmes are bespoke, and are preceded by an in-depth assessment of your
corporate requirements, cultural challenges, team dynamics, employee engagement and company values and behaviours.
They are followed by an impact appraisal including the
emotional and financial return-on-investment. See associate providers here.


studies show that absenteeism, low morale, physical illness, 
under-achievement and low self-esteem are greatly reduced when employers are able to address the emotional needs of their employees

Organizations with highly effective health and productivity programmes report:

11% higher revenue per employee

1.8 fewer days absent per employee per year

28% greater shareholder returns

Of employers offering
wellness programmes

67% reported increased employee satisfaction

66% reported increased productivity

63% reported increased financial sustainability and growth

50% reported decreased absenteeism

Studies show that:

Training on its own increases
productivity by 22% … whereas combining it with coaching increases productivity by 88%

As part of our ongoing staff training and development programme, I organised and attended a short (one-hour) introductory workshop with Lavinia for 10 colleagues during which explored how to build on our inclusive company culture, with an emphasis on gender equality.  The workshop was insightful, enjoyable, fast-paced and took us out of our comfort zones.  It had the practical impact of us co-creating an action list of inclusivity ideas to further develop our team’s commitment to an inclusive company culture.
— Tim Hill, Head of Marketing, The Møller Centre, Cambridge University