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As part of both The Balance Hub and as BoboMama, I host interactive talks, workshops, group training and women’s circles on a range of subjects such as boosting confidence, the mama juggle, emotional resilience, creating effective boundaries and simple self-care, to name a few.

Click below to view either the BoboMama public events calendar or the extensive range of topics that can form the focus of a corporate workshop to promote company change. The latter are hosted by me or my associates at The Balance Hub.

Lavinia’s workshop on self-care and managing stress for Oxford Women in Business was one of the most informative, honest and open sessions I’ve been to! It felt genuine right from the start as Lavinia opened by sharing her own experiences on dealing with anxiety and student-life pressures. This ensured the entire group felt comfortable to talk about the personal problems they face and we discussed practical ways to acknowledge our feelings and deal with them in a mature way. I particularly loved learning how simple these could be (such as spending time in Nature and breathing consciously) and how they can have such positive effects on our minds and bodies. Thank you for sharing ways in which self-care tools can be applied in our daily lives in order to maintain our physical, emotional and mental health!
— Nisha Gokuldas,

A clip from my ‘Why Self-Care Isn't Selfish’ talk geared to 40 mum returners. We explored what self-care means, why it is necessary, as well as how it positively impacts the physical, emotional and mental sides of our lives. Here I am just summarising what we learnt!

Lavinia’s session with our young people was much enjoyed by all. The children were challenged to evaluate themselves in ways they may not have considered previously. They were inspired to ponder various aspects of themselves, what they could achieve and what strengths they might have. Lavinia’s confidence in speaking to a large group and her preparation ahead of the session meant the experience of the young people was very positive
— Mike Andrews, St John's College School

A clip from my ‘Do you Dare to Be You?’ talk for nearly 100 school children aged between 10 and 13. Here I am asking them to ponder the second of three questions designed to get them to work out who they truly are. Which is the platform for daring to share that with the world. Their enthusiasm was contagious!

I have personally witnessed a huge transformation over the years since I first met Lavinia. The work she must have done to be operating from such awareness and power now is commendable. I honestly can’t think of anyone better qualified to coach other women to realise their power and potential post motherhood. Lavinia is powerful and yet very compassionate, intuitive, kind, caring and understanding. She understands at the mental, emotional and physical levels of consciousness, what it means to be a woman in today’s modern madness. What a glorious gift to the world she is, and I have absolutely no hesitation at all in recommending her services.
— Mark A. Karlsson, Your Spiritual Life Coach