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& the balance hub

Hello! my name is Lavinia brown
and I’m a Transition Coach and Gender-Equality consultant

I work with individuals, recruiters, institutions, women’s networks and organisations to promote gender equality, strengthen the female talent pipeline and ensure the confidence and productivity of ambitious, multi-tasking mothers. I do this through implementing effective on-boarding and training programmes to ensure that professional parents reach their greatest potential.

Such as:

  • one-to-one, transition coaching - supporting individual mothers to manage the work/life/parenting juggle and to feel confident and in control of their lives again

  • workshops, coaching and training - supporting organisations to create an inclusive company culture for returners

bobomama - private coaching

At BoboMama, I work internationally, connecting with individual mothers via video call over the course of either a 3 or 6-month coaching series, to: regain their power, re-prioritise their needs, get paid for what they love to do, boost their self-esteem, find financial independence, and feel happy and energised once more!  

The balance hub - engaging working parents

At The Balance Hub, I work alongside my UK-based associates, to support organisations to: stem the female brain drain, decrease their gender pay gap and create a more inclusive workforce and gender-equal company culture.

Whatever your requirements - corporate or individual - I look forward to finding out more about how I can support you!

Since our coaching series, I have noticed an inner strength that I had forgotten all about! I feel strong and determined and very excited about my new area of work. I have reconnected with my ideals and beliefs, which feels good, and I feel that I know what I want and can continue to set myself new actions every week. I have realised that things may happen a bit slower when you have children but you can still follow your dreams.
— Esperanza Maguire, Animal Behaviourist