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I’m delighted that you would like to go ahead with some coaching and look forward to hearing all about your goals! Before we get started though, I need you to fill out the pre-coaching questionnaire below (if you are interested in booking a 3 or 6 month series with me) or click here to go to the pre-consult questionnaire (if you are interested in booking a two-part coaching consult). If you’re not sure, check out the coaching for individuals page for more info.

Once you’re done, press submit, and when I have received it, I will be in touch to set up your complimentary, 45-minute discovery session which will take place either on the phone or via video call.

No need to overthink your answers - it’s not a test - just answer as quickly, openly and honestly as you can. Your replies will form the basis for our discovery session and a platform from which we can start to plan our journey towards your goals, your happiness and fulfilling your potential!

I'm really looking forward to hearing from you and in case you were wondering, all the information you disclose is fully confidential, will only be seen by me, and shared with no-one else.

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