Cheers, dahhling -
You are a Bourgeois thoroughbred!


You enjoy the finer things in life (good food, quality champagne, luxury holidays) and you are not shy about working hard to deserve them. You believe in high standards and you are a bit of a perfectionist about attaining and maintaining these, whether they apply to your fitness levels, slim physique, family finances, business success or social standing. This commitment is impressive but it can take up a huge amount of energy and a tendency to take on too much can sometimes lead you to feeling overwhelmed and burnt out.

Your gifts:

  • An enviable work ethic: you are both disciplined as well as self-motivated and almost always attain your goals.

  • You are good at self-care and see treating your body with respect and feeling pampered as an essential part of your overall well-being.

  • You like to look good and you inspire those around you with your commitment to maintaining what you feel is important in life.

    Your challenges:

  • Letting go of the need to control everything.

  • Being really present in the now rather than worrying about the future or regretting the past.

  • Surrendering to the flow of things rather than trying to impose your timing on things.

How you could benefit from working with me:

I would love to work with you on loosening the grip of your perfectionism – for you to realise that your standards don’t always have to be quite so high, all of the time. I would also love for you to enjoy more spontaneity and carefree joy. Finally, I’d like to support you to slow down, to pause and to trust more in what life has in store for you rather than trying to plan and control every outcome. You deserve every happiness – you and your imperfections are amazing!


And here are some real life BoboMamas just like you:

Anna Wintour, Kate Middleton and Aishwarya Rai!



Disclaimer: I hope that you’ve enjoyed taking this fun quiz as much as I enjoyed writing it! Please know that, as with your daily horoscope, there may be aspects of your BoboMama quiz result profile that truly resonate with you and there may be others that feel like total tosh! So take the results with a pinch of salt and remember that they are only a light-hearted attempt to brighten up your day. As for the real life BoboMamas I have paired with your profile, this decision was entirely subjective and based on the data I could glean about them and their lifestyles!