You are totally rocking the Bobo vibe, girlfriend:
you are a beautiful Bourgeois, Bohemian hybrid!  


You sit perfectly on the fence between two very different ways of doing things. You are intellectual and organised and care about stability and income but you also love nothing more than to step out of the system and be your wild and natural free self. Your multi-faceted nature, enthusiasm for learning and openness to new experiences is something that can provoke challenging behaviour towards you from others who are not naturally so brave. Couple this with never having truly belonged to any one social group and you can experience bouts of very low self-worth and self-confidence (even though you look fine on the outside). You are an adaptable chameleon that can flit between many camps which is both inspiring to others as well as a little lonely sometimes. You are courageous enough not to want to be pigeon-holed as one thing but this also makes you feel a certain lack of connection with those who do. You are both an insider and an outsider. Uniquely awesome!

Your gifts:

  • You are able to entertain a range of different interests and character traits even when these might seem contradictory.

  • Because of your breadth of experience and open outlook on life, you are able to communicate and empathise with a wide range of people which makes you a popular and valued friend!

  • You are curious and interested in most things which makes you a life-long learner.

Your challenges:

  • You love the comfort and safety of a quiet, predictable life but soon get bored if there is no excitement and adventure on the horizon. Likewise, all adventure and no routine is exhausting. It is not easy to manage this constant inner struggle between both sides of you.  

  • With a finger in many pies, you sometimes feel like a Jack of all trades and master of none. It can feel confusing not to truly belong to any one social group – there aren’t many of you around – and this can lead to a sense of exclusion and loneliness.

  • You have a strong intuitive side as well as a forceful intellect. It can be hard to work out which is most beneficial to you when making decisions, which can result in indecisiveness.

How you could benefit from working with me:

I would love to help you build an unshakeable sense of self-worth up from the inside – one that is independent of others’ approval – so that you can be authentic and stand up for yourself, your views and your needs, regardless of your surroundings. I would also love to help you work on grounding yourself so as not to get overwhelmed by the many voices in your head. You are beautifully unique - it’s time to show that off!


And here are some real life BoboMamas just like you:

Gwenyth Paltrow, Zadie Smith and Kate Moss! 



Disclaimer: I hope that you’ve enjoyed taking this fun quiz as much as I enjoyed writing it! Please know that, as with your daily horoscope, there may be aspects of your BoboMama quiz result profile that truly resonate with you and there may be others that feel like total tosh! So take the results with a pinch of salt and remember that they are only a light-hearted attempt to brighten up your day. As for the real life BoboMamas I have paired with your profile, this decision was entirely subjective and based on the data I could glean about them and their lifestyles!