You definitely lean towards the bohemian
but you've got a sneaky bourgeois streak lurking in there too!



You are a breath of fresh air in a world that is dominated by the homogenous high street and you are justly proud of your individuality in style and outlook. Your outward confidence in what you believe is right means that you are able to disregard those aspects of capitalist society that don’t fit in with your ideals and inspire others in the process. You make things work for you and your family and you are also a force for much needed change in the world. You are the ultimate life hacker – your voice needs to be heard! You rock!

Your gifts:

  • You have the gift of being beautifully creative in more than one field and you are not afraid to express your quirky individuality.

  • You are both quite patient as well as good at seeing the big picture and so you don’t get too worried about daily challenges and take these in your stride.

  • Your combination of trust in the good nature of people and adventurous spirit make you quite fearless when it comes to travelling or being out of your comfort zone. You know that you can always rely on your good instincts and practical nature to get you out of any potential scrapes.

Your challenges:

  • Your desire to be seen as different can sometimes come across as a barrier to closer connection with others.

  • Your happy-go-lucky exterior belies a sensitive interior which is well hidden from all but the closest people to you. Learning to share all parts of the authentic you with others does not come easily.

  • Truly letting your hair down! Sometimes even moderation should come in moderation and you could greatly benefit from having the odd blow out!  

How you could benefit from working with me:

I would love to support you in managing your inner emotional landscape and seeing all your feelings as equals, even the negative ones. For whilst you mostly come across as pretty laid-back, this isn’t always the case behind the scenes. Once you can accept that it is ok to feel bad sometimes and that this is all part of being human, you will feel a lot less pressure to conform to your carefree image. I would also love to support you in fully loving your uniqueness rather than using your individuality as a mask to keep you slightly distanced from others. It is much easier to confront your fears of being vulnerable and share the real you when you are confident and know just how awesome you truly are!


And here are some real life BoboMamas just like you:

Anita Roddick, Sienna Miller and Jada Pinkett-Smith!



Disclaimer: I hope that you’ve enjoyed taking this fun quiz as much as I enjoyed writing it! Please know that, as with your daily horoscope, there may be aspects of your BoboMama quiz result profile that truly resonate with you and there may be others that feel like total tosh! So take the results with a pinch of salt and remember that they are only a light-hearted attempt to brighten up your day. As for the real life BoboMamas I have paired with your profile, this decision was entirely subjective and based on the data I could glean about them and their lifestyles!