You definitely lean towards the Bourgeois
but you’ve got a sneaky Boho streak lurking in there too!

75% bourgeois.png

You love to look good and devote a good part of your income on maintaining your appearance but you’re not obsessed with following the latest fashion and you know your own style. You are health-conscious and aware that well-being also includes your mental state, which is why yoga and its combination of mindfulness, deep breathing and body awareness is so beneficial to you. You are lucky to enjoy a great standard of living without feeling the pressure that this is absolutely necessary for your happiness. You also have the capacity to see the bigger picture in life and not always sweat the small stuff – a great quality!

Your gifts:

  • You can be both driven as well as easy-going depending on how important something is to you – this is a balance that not many can easily achieve!

  • You are social and care about others and about fitting in but you are also emotionally mature enough to know that this desire shouldn’t override your individuality and personal needs. This (usually) keeps you from slipping down the comparisonitis rabbit hole.

  • You are strong-minded and care about being successful but only want to dedicate yourself to something that is meaningful and fulfilling to you on a deeper level.


Your challenges:

  • Finding the courage and conviction to follow through on ideas and remain committed until their completion.

  • Taking yourself and your talents seriously enough to put yourself out there as the person you really want to be rather than taking the easier, less rewarding route.  

  • Listening to your intuition and making decisions more from the heart rather than letting your head take over.  

How you could benefit from working with me:

I would love to support you in listening more to your strong instinctual side which you have not yet tapped into fully because you are not sure that you trust it. This will lead to a life that is in much greater alignment with your own needs and desires than might be the case right now. I would also love to help you build on your self-confidence and worth so that you are no longer blocked in achieving your goals by limiting self-beliefs or fears about what others might think. You are awesome – the world deserves to see this!  


And here are some real life BoboMamas just like you:

Kiera Knightley, Amal Clooney and Salma Hayek!



Disclaimer: I hope that you’ve enjoyed taking this fun quiz as much as I enjoyed writing it! Please know that, as with your daily horoscope, there may be aspects of your BoboMama quiz result profile that truly resonate with you and there may be others that feel like total tosh! So take the results with a pinch of salt and remember that they are only a light-hearted attempt to brighten up your day. As for the real life BoboMamas I have paired with your profile, this decision was entirely subjective and based on the data I could glean about them and their lifestyles!