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I have 7-year-old triplets and every day is intense. Before my coaching series, I often felt as though there was no space left for me and that I was just managing the day to day (a blur of joy, chaos, sleeplessness, noise and fun) without any sense of direction. I felt really keen to start a new area of work and to be excited, once again, about life beyond parenting but I felt exhausted and lacked both the confidence and focus to take those difficult first steps.

Lavinia’s positive energy and commitment to how important it is for a mother to find herself again after children, really struck a chord. I knew that I needed some guidance to order my mind and that the magic ability of a woman to empathise and understand how I felt was exactly what I needed to feel inspired enough to start a new chapter and at last do something entirely for myself!

Our first session was brilliant because I realised straight away that Lavinia simply got me. She fully understood what I was searching for and how I felt. She focused intensely on me and asked the right questions to enable me to sort out my hopes and feelings. I was able to formalise my desire to make a change by setting goals which felt real and tangible.

Since our series, I have noticed an inner strength that I had forgotten all about since the triplets were born! I feel strong and determined and very excited about my new area of work. I have reconnected with my ideals and beliefs, which feels good, and I feel that I know what I want and can continue to set myself new actions every week. I am determined to get there and I know that step by step, I can achieve anything I wish. I have realised that things may happen a bit slower when you have children but you can still follow your dreams...

The only down side to a coaching series is that it eventually stops - it would be good to have a coach for life! So I will be booking regular follow up sessions, even if just quarterly ones, to ensure that I am still focused on my dreams!

I feel very lucky to have Lavinia as my life coach. She is warm, loving and very emotionally intelligent. If I had to describe my coaching experience with her in 3 words, they would be: exciting, motivating and rewarding.

~ Esperanza Maguire, Animal Behaviourist & mother, UK



Before my coaching series, I was struggling to manage my life, both as a mother and as a partner. I was overwhelmed by my emotions and responsibilities; I was tired of self-pity and had no self-confidence. Worst of all I was projecting it all in my day-to-day life - it was full of stress and constant arguments that lead nowhere but to more stress. I felt like a leaf blown about in the wind!

I felt shy about opening up before my first session but wanted to as I was sure that this was the right thing to do for me! What shifted for me almost immediately was the realisation that I was the one who needed support - not the mum, not the partner - but me: the woman who had been giving so much for so long that she had forgotten all about herself!! This helped me to set two amazing goals, to focus on myself, to reach out to my old self and to bring her back to the surface. And to my surprise, she was ready to reach back!!

Every coaching session revealed different issues to work on, but the best tool for me to not get overwhelmed, was the consistent focus on my two goals. This revealed my progress and the progress kept me going. Since the series, my friends have noticed a change in me: they say that I sound more confident and that I am more engaged. I’ve noticed that now I see myself at the centre of my life circle with control over my reactions to what is happening around me! I am no longer just going with the flow! I feel much calmer and more relaxed. I can shift the dynamics of conversations and interactions with others and still remain in control. I can even see changes at work: I am more confident both about speaking my mind and managing my workload.

I would like to thank Lavinia for her amazing support and for her positive, friendly and yet professional attitude throughout my coaching sessions. She created a safe environment for me to step out of my shell and face my weaknesses without hating myself. She listened patiently to my long stories and yet somehow always managed to tip my focus back towards my goals. If I had to describe my coaching experience in 3 words I would say I am now “swimming not sinking”! 

~ S.H, Consultant & mother, UK


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I had never worked with a coach before and despite having no idea about what it entailed or where we were headed, I had faith in Lavinia’s abilities and in the strength of her convictions. I felt both excited and apprehensive about our first session but by the end of it, I knew that Lavinia was someone with whom I could speak openly. 

Before our coaching began, I was struggling with confidence, patience and self-appreciation. My 3-month series was remarkable: liberating, empowering and healing. Now I feel more grounded, more able and better able to cope. I also feel more confident and happier (something my loved ones have also noticed)! 

Going on this journey with Lavinia was one of the most incredible experiences. It taught me that baby steps - manageable baby steps - lead to strides, and that I could stride past issues that had always felt unsurmountable. I learnt that anything is possible. I’m so unbelievably grateful. Thank you!

~ Vanessa Bird, Marketing Communications Specialist & mother, UK



Before the first half of my two-part coaching consult, I was really struggling with working out where I was going and felt stuck and directionless with regards to my career.

By the end of the session however, I felt that it was all right to feel how I was feeling and that I could look at things from a different perspective. Options that hadn't even seemed worth considering suddenly felt like they were back on the table, and there was an immediate expansiveness and new feeling of becoming more open to possibilities.

Lavinia went above and beyond checking in with me in between the consults: answering my emails and really making me feel both completely able to accept everything that I was feeling, and that she had my back in this process.

The most significant change I’ve witnessed in myself is feeling much more certain about where I'm headed. I’ve been able to free up space for me to be creative and solve problems and I now enjoy everything more. I feel infinitely clearer, more aligned and in control than I ever could have imagined possible.

My biggest learning was to write down my feelings in order to acknowledge them and I will use this tool in future to clarify what's going on inside me when I next feel uncertain or confused.

If I had to describe my coaching experience in 3 words, they would be: shifting, clarifying and game-changing. I cannot believe how much Lavinia helped me to transform how I was feeling in such a short space of time and couldn't recommend her highly enough.

~ James Ware, Writer & Tutor, UK 



Lavinia is a caring and insightful coach who can guide you to achieving your goals. 3 words I would use to describe our experience together would be: Deep. Inner. Changes.

Before starting my 3-month series with her, I was feeling stressed, trapped and lacking in self-confidence. I was tired, overworked and felt like I didn’t have any time for myself.

I was intrigued by the idea of life coaching - how it would work and if it would help me - so I thought about it for a while and then the moment just felt right. I didn’t know what to expect from our sessions and felt excited as it was a new experience but also slightly apprehensive and spoiled as I rarely spend any time on myself.

By the end of our first session I had defined what my goals were which felt like a huge accomplishment! Lavinia was instinctive and helpful in getting me to realise that I really wanted to feel calmer and more centred, as well as more self-confident about my body.

Since our series, my husband has mentioned that I seem sexier, and my children are wanting to spend more time with me. The biggest change I have witnessed however, is in my self-confidence.

Coaching was a wonderful experience and has helped me in all areas of my life. I now feel more assertive and in control of what I want and need; I feel more myself, more positive, confident and calm.

Despite wishing I’d spent more time doing the tasks that I’d set myself (I never felt like I’d done enough work by the time I came to the next session), I realise in retrospect that our series went exactly the way it was supposed to: I set myself guidelines that weren’t too strict and did what I wanted to do at the time. This was a big part of my shift – listening to myself and accepting what I want to do, rather than automatically doing what I think I should.

I would recommend life coaching with Lavinia to anyone who seeks to help themselves with work, with relationships, with life. If you don’t know if you need help - give it a go, you may just be surprised how much of a positive shift can happen. 

~ Lotus Synge, Reflexologist & mother, UK,


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Lavinia is such an inspiring and talented life-coach. She helped me to rebuild the confidence and self-esteem that I was gradually losing and to pluck up the courage to set myself free…

When we first connected I was confused. I was unsure about whether my job corresponded to what I really wanted to do and I didn’t feel confident enough to pursue my dreams.

I came across Lavinia at just the right time and despite not really believing a coach could make any difference, by the end of the first session, I felt relaxed, like I could trust her and that I could discuss my feelings and thoughts freely. To start with, my friends and colleagues were intrigued and interested, and then convinced that life coaching works! They noticed that I am much more positive and energized, that I would go to work in a happier mood and that even my pupils’ attitudes had changed.

I now feel so much more confident and in control – that I can do whatever I want without being held back by my old fears of being too old or not good enough. Lavinia supported me in considering options that I had thought were impossible and I finally found the strength to resign from my current job in order to pursue my passion!

I thoroughly enjoyed the coaching experience with Lavinia which was thought-provoking as well as transformational. Thank you for your dedication and for the energy you shared with me! You are an amazing person.

~ Habi O’Grady, Teacher & mother, UK


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Life changing, complete, incredibly amazing, supportive and loving. That is how I would describe my coaching experience with Lavinia. I can’t thank her enough for being so amazing and for helping me to achieve all of my goals! 

When we first connected I was struggling to respect and love myself, in particular my appearance. I was in a rut and regularly doubted myself and my abilities. 

I had always found it difficult in the past to express my feelings aloud (especially to a complete stranger), however Lavinia made me feel so safe and heard that it was super easy to open up to her.

I had no expectations going into our coaching series: I remember setting my goals in our first session and wondering if they were actually possible. I knew one of my goals would be around loving myself, but Lavinia also identified something that was holding me back which I hadn’t even thought about (probably out of fear). 

My fiancé has definitely noticed a difference in me since our coaching series: my confidence when speaking in group scenarios, my confidence when opening up and expressing my feelings to him, and my self-confidence in everyday life. The biggest change I’ve witnessed in myself is that I am now conscious of how I show up in the world: from the way I dress to the way I communicate to how I am now living in integrity.  

It feels so freeing to be in ‘my own lane’ and to be showing myself love daily. No thank yous will ever be enough! Lavinia is amazing!

~ Kylie Holmes, Life Coach, USA,


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I had a great 12 weeks of self-discovery with Lavinia and I’m extremely grateful to her for helping me so committedly. 

When we first connected, I felt unconfident doing things that weren’t ‘normal’ for me and was struggling with stepping out of my comfort zone. I also knew that I wanted to figure out what was the right university course for me – one that might enable me to live in France. 

I was apprehensive about opening up to someone that I hadn’t known for very long about my hopes and goals but Lavinia made me feel like she really understood how I was feeling. I could see that this was her passion as well as her job and that every client was an equal. 

Lavinia was completely dedicated to helping me achieve my goals and she provided valuable insights along the way. I always felt at ease, as she promises complete confidentiality, and her undivided attention enabled me to focus on reaching my targets. I found Lavinia to be wonderfully perceptive and understanding - she continually helped me to find suitable ‘actions’ to propel progress, and telling her all the discoveries I had made in the previous weeks was something I looked forward to because I knew I would be met by encouragement and genuine happiness at my successes. She always knew the perfect thing to say to motivate me or gently nudge me in the right direction!

I now feel more carefree about other people’s opinions which has allowed me to go out more and experience new things. A friend has even told me that I’m more fun now! Overall, my coaching experience has been truly helpful and enjoyable. And if I had to describe our sessions in three words, I would say that they were revealing, motivational and exciting. Thank you, Lavinia!

~ Bella Pellegrini, Student, UK


peer reviews

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Lavinia Brown is a woman who is committed to going deep, both on her own inner journey and with the clients she serves. Lavinia knows that radical self-honesty and self-love are the path to the deepest transformation, particularly for women who are mothers. She is one of those rare coaches who is doing her own deep work and in turn, can support her own clients through the uncomfortable places they must go to be the women they are meant to be - with strength, courage, and authenticity. I love seeing Lavinia's work blossom in the world! And her clients are sure to expand more fully into their power through her steady and loving support. 

~ Bethany Webster, writer, speaker, coach, Healing the Mother Wound


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I have personally witnessed a huge transformation over the years since I first met Lavinia. The work she must have done to be operating from such awareness and power now is commendable. I honestly can’t think of anyone better qualified to coach other women to realise their power and potential post motherhood. Lavinia is powerful and yet very compassionate, intuitive, kind, caring and understanding. She understands at the mental, emotional and physical levels of consciousness, what it means to be a woman in today’s modern madness. What a glorious gift to the world she is, and I have absolutely no hesitation at all in recommending her services. I wish her and all the fortunate women that get to work with her tremendous success.

~ Mark A. Karlsson, Spiritual Life Coach