How to multitask and remain present (and sane)


Do you ever find it difficult to transition from work mode to home mode? From client / boss mode to partner / lover / friend mode? Wearing lots of hats keeps life interesting but it can be super difficult to take one hat off and fully step into wearing the next one without carrying stuff with you from before that is not appropriate in the now.

In this vlog, I explain how to move seamlessly from one role to the next without any messy, energetic "overlaps". How? By implementing one simple technique that can be tailored to you and the kind of person you are: by doing whatever it is to get back into your BODY and into your feminine. Your body changes your mindset. Your breathing changes your mindset. Body and breathing come first. Change one and the next follows suit - try it for yourself and let me know how you get on!

Are you fulfilling your greatest potential, mama? Are you getting paid to do what you love whilst parenting in a calm and positive way? Are you feeling happy and fulfilled both at work and at home? Because you deserve to! Book a complimentary discovery session with me on skype (no strings attached) and we can explore taking concrete steps towards creating a life in which you feel motivated and in control once more!  

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