who IS BoboMama?


Am I conventional or wild? Conformist or eccentric? Introvert or extrovert? I am ALL of these things! Because I CAN be. And you know what? So can you.

None of us needs to be pigeon-holded into boxes we have not chosen for ourselves. Daring to be authentic brings the freedom to be what we want, when we want, regardless of others' opinions of ourselves.

I dare you to be totally YOU today! 

Are you fulfilling your greatest potential, mama? Are you getting paid to do what you love whilst parenting in a calm and positive way? Are you feeling happy and fulfilled both at work and at home? Because you deserve to! Book a complimentary discovery session with me on skype (no strings attached) and we can explore taking concrete steps towards creating a life in which you feel motivated and in control once more!  

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