womens’ circles

Groups run by and for women are our psychic turf; our place to discover who we are, or who we could become,
as whole independent human beings.Somewhere in our lives, each of us needs a free place.
A little psychic territory. Do you have yours?

- Gloria Steinem

I took part in my first women’s circle in 2015. As soon as it had ended, I realised that I felt so strongly about its radical, restorative effects that I had to bring circles to my own community. I had found my “psychic turf”.

Because despite being so ancient and simple, circles are nothing short of transformational. They are a unique oases of calm in which women can connect and converse in a way that is simply not possible in any other social context. They are real, raw, unedited, life-affirming and utterly precious. They allow us to be the emotional creatures that we were born to be. They allow us to be equals.

What is a Women's Circle?

“The circle is much more than the experience of this generation, a sacred circle especially.
It is a powerful transformer of the women in it”

A circle is a non-hierarchical gathering in which we share our experiences as women, support and inspire each other. It is an ancient way of connecting and the space that is held within it is both confidential and non-judgmental. Circles offer an opportunity for us to be truly ourselves and to express our full, sometimes messy, range of emotions. They allow us to be seen, accepted and empowered for who we really are.  

What is the BoboMama's Women's Circle about?

"each time women gather in circles with each other, the world heals a little more"

BoboMama Women's Circles offer an opportunity for you to take a step back from life: to reclaim who you are underneath the chores, the to-do lists, the family and work commitments; to remember who you were before you got really busy and had no time left for yourself. 

They offer you a chance to be surrounded by other women who understand you, for you to talk if you want to, and to listen if you don't. In circle, we connect with others, we share experiences and we discuss topics relevant to our modern lives: we reclaim what it is to be human. 

Why Should I attend?

“in a patriarchal climate, a circle of equals can be like an island of free speech and laughter”

Managing the constant juggling act that defines the modern woman is quite a feat: creating a welcoming, clean home, running or contributing to a profitable business, bringing up children to be the best they can be, being a loving and supportive partner and friend, keeping fit, looking stylish, eating healthily and drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, squeezing in some exercise, practising mindfulness, searching for fulfilment, working on becoming the best version of yourself and on top of it all remaining calm, sane and fun! It's a miracle that we function at all. But we do. We're superwomen! We multi-task to within an inch of our lives!

And how do we manage all of this, day in day out? Usually by neglecting the most important person at the centre of this maelstrom of energy and activity: ourselves. But what about our well-being? When do WE get a chance to renew and recharge our batteries?

To avoid burn-out it is essential that we make space for rest, and a circle provides just this: nourishing time-out for YOU amongst women that get it. An opportunity to reclaim your feminine essence!   

What happens in a circle?

“women in circles support each other and discover themselves, through talk”

Whilst the theme of the circle varies each meetup, its structure is always the same. First, we start with a short heart-opening exercise, then we ‘ground’ in order to get out of our heads and into our bodies. Next, we create a sacred circle space by connecting with each other and we then explore the theme for the month. This is done through discussion, journalling, practical exercises, group or partner work and perhaps a ritual ceremony. After this, we share our experiences. 

Circle themes focus on topics that are relevant to us as women, such as: self-worth and confidence, motherhood, work/life balance, finding happiness and fulfilment, our feminine essence, how to manage and release uncomfortable emotions, body image, self-care, the patriarchy, how to be authentic and much more. 

What do I bring?

"The archetype of a circle may be perfect. A women's circle never is. It is a creative work of art in process"

Please bring a journal and pen to write down your reflections, a blanket if you would like to feel cosy and a cushion to sit on (chairs are available but the circle is held on the floor). Bring a flask of cold or hot drink if you wish and dress in comfortable clothes!  

Who is it for?

“a circle of women is a multifaceted mirror in which each sees herself reflected”

Any and all (those who identify as) women! All ages, nationalities and walks of life are welcome. No experience is necessary.  

Where and when are circles held?

See events calendar for all forthcoming public workshops, talks and circles  

All quotes are from Jean Shinoda Bolen's 'The Millionth Circle'


I like everything about your group and especially the company (you as a leader and also the lovely genuine people that you attract). I love the way that you structure the session with a theme and the lovely atmosphere (relaxing and trusting) that you manage to create. It is also really nice to realise that you are not alone facing the same challenges of being a mother, a wife, a working parent, etc. I think you are a super entrepreneur!
Lavinia’s circle workshop was beautiful, magic and inspiring. We were taken on a journey of self-healing, reflection and creation. It is so difficult to engage in such a task on your own at home but Lavinia made it really easy to focus, get inspired and share the energy of this lovely group...
Thanks for giving good advice, I realise I need to be braver and more courageous. You have a talent for helping people. Keep doing the workshops - they are important.
Well done, the circles are a breath of fresh air in Cambridge.
Thoroughly enjoyed this workshop - came away feeling energised, positive and reflective.
Thank you so much for last night it was great, you have a real skill.
Great structure - you created a safe space and said all sorts of things to ensure that (including saying “don’t feel alone” at the end)

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