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Lavinia Sais Brown (MA Oxon): Founder & Qualified Transition Coach

Lavinia Sais Brown (MA Oxon):
Founder & Qualified Transition Coach

Lavinia promotes a more inclusive, supportive and gender-equal workplace through the implementation of effective onboarding and training programmes to attract, retain and engage returners. She works with individuals, schools, recruiters, institutions, returner programmes, women’s networks and organisations to enhance corporate diversity and to ensure the confidence and productivity of working parents. She has over 20 years’ professional experience in the corporate sector, hosts regular workshops and writes on the subject. Lavinia is an Oxford graduate (MA Phil & Mod Langs), life coach-trained by BYCA (course certified and approved by the International Coaching Federation - CCE category) and an Associate member of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC) to whose Code of Ethics she subscribes. She is a Contributor to Møller Institute, Churchill College in the University of Cambridge (executive education programme) and an Associate of Inclusive Employers.

Dr Sarah Kuppen (PhD Cantab): Chartered Developmental Psychologist

Dr Sarah Kuppen (PhD Cantab): 
Chartered Developmental Psychologist

Sarah uses her scientific expertise to sort through the hype and provide expert parenting advice for busy mums and dads. She has recently written her first parenting book: Little Kids, Big Dilemmas, a guide to the early years for the science-minded. Sarah regularly gives public talks, runs parenting workshops, appears in and advises the media and has consulted on tv programmes such as Channel 4’s Child Genius and ITV’s What Would Your Kid Do? She also works with parents on a one-to-one basis. Sarah has a PhD in Developmental Psychology from Cambridge University, she is a senior lecturer at Anglia Ruskin University in Developmental Psychology, and an undergraduate tutor in Psychology at Cambridge University’s Institute of Continuing Education. She is chartered through the British Psychological Society.

Isabelle Edmondson

Isabelle Edmondson (B.Eng Kingston): Paedriatic Sleep Consultant

Isabelle supports professional parents to overcome the challenge of sleep deprivation in order to enhance their productivity, engagement, physical and mental health. Her innovative paediatric sleep training programmes provide both preventative and corrective interventions. Isabelle hosts interactive group workshops and talks to promote good sleep habits in children (ranging in age from newborns to secondary school children). She also offers bespoke support in the form of individual sleep clinics and packages. Hundreds of clients from 11 different countries have benefited from her knowledge-transfer skills, trouble-shooting mindset, remarkable creativity and 15-year passion for child development and parental attachment.

Andrew Lynn

Andrew Lynn (BA De Montfort):
Talent & Operations Consultant

Andrew helps companies to achieve their goals by ensuring that they have the internal structure and resources required to do so. He works with companies to create efficient and robust people strategies that encompass employer branding, talent acquisition, company culture, organisational structure, employee engagement and diversity. Andrew has over 20 years’ experience working with businesses in finance, technology, digital, marketing and property.

Susi Watson

Susi Watson (B.Envd colo)
Strategic Visual Facilitator

Susi works with clients to enable them to see opportunities in complex challenges through visual thinking. The practice of visual expression supports healthy dialogue and enhances collaboration by practicing individual and group awareness. Susi has worked with teams at Stanford, IESE, Cranfield School of Management and Cambridge University to develop visual thinking skills for students and executive education programs. These tools for thought enhance group understanding, connections and employee engagement with corporate vision, values and strategies. For over 25 years Susi has led strategic customer and employee experience initiatives at diverse organizations such as California Academy of Science, Bank of America, L’Oréal, Cisco Systems, and The Walt Disney Company.

Ivy Kayima

Ivy Kayima (Msc Glasgow, CIPD):
Recruitment, Diversity & Inclusion Specialist

Ivy is fuelled by a passion for equality and social justice and has over five years of experience working both nationally and internationally within the voluntary sector. She has partnered with charities (Windsor fellowship, Kidron Orphanage), local government (Bromley Council), networking platforms (Spiela, LinkedIn) and organisations (Kaspersky) to promote equality in the workforce, and has run events (The Phenomenal Woman) as well as her own show (Shoreditch Radio) on this topic. Ivy gives regular corporate workshops and talks on unconscious bias, ethnic diversity and inclusion, and has a Masters in International HR management (fully CIPD accredited).

Your handling of the room during your workshop on creating life/work/parenting balance was very good. The energy of the participants was very calm but very focused and the content most thought-provoking with everyone scribbling away!
— Juliet Turnbull, Founder and CEO of 2to3days