words to inspire...


These are my “inspiration rocks”. Kind of like emoticons but of the natural variety. I picked them from the bottom of a freezing river bed in January and decorated them with words to inspire and motivate me. Every day, or when I remember, I pick one that feels right for that moment and leave it on my desk where I can see it. And somehow it seems to work! I find its presence both comforting as well as motivating. Perhaps that’s because it is a rock from a riverbed and therefore symbolises both earth and water elements?

Traditionally, rocks represent the element of earth. This is ultimately grounding: it reminds us of our connection to everything, that we are all one, it reminds us of our physical form but also of the wisdom within us and of those that came before us. Water is an altogether different element. It is ultimately calming: it is about the emotions, cleansing, ease, flow, about taking the path of least resistance. So these rocks represent both elements to me and of course the word I drew onto them.

And today’s word? It’s FOCUS. Because at the moment I feel full of creative energy but this needs to be channeled in the right way. In general, I’m more of a detail rather than a big picture person. And because I’m also a Virgo and want to do everything perfectly I often end up overwhelmed by detail and go round and round in circles rather than forwards. So today it’s about focusing on the big picture strategy and dissecting it from there. Baby steps in the right direction rather than a scatter gun approach that achieves not very much.

If you could pick one of these stones today, which would you choose and why? Or better still, are you motivated to create your own?

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